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From: Barbara Schonfeld
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Yes my xp is on hidden partition. I will have to check out and see if i can
burn own cd. I just havent diggen into this machine that far......yet! So
far though, I've only had one crash that I can remember, and i do have a
restore feature on this thing. I'm just use to the old days of having a hard
copy in my hand and having to reinstall everything.. Barbara 
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Date: Thursday, May 15, 2003 3:35:38 PM
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I did however buy myself this compaq presario 6000 with xp on it. I like it,
its powerful,etc, but I miss taking that cover off and fiddling with parts
and trying things out on it. I haven't installed much as far as shareware
and things, for since i didnt get a xp cd , im scared to do much to it. 

  Hey Barb 
     You might want to check the Compaq site to see if, the cd that you did
not get with you new computer is on a hidden partition on your hard drive. I
know that HP computers are doing that now, maybe Compaq is too. If you goof
up your computer then it recovers itself from the hidden partition. It is a
neat idea, (because people loose their recovery disks) however if your hard
drive crashes the idea is not good. If your XP is on that hidden partition
then you can burn your own CD. 

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