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  • Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 01:29:57 -0600

Hi Bob,
Hi Pam,
No, I'll refrain from jumping;  it would only distract.  I'll
just listen and learn.    I was amused by your comment that
you spent 6 hours on a problem of a customer and only made
$75;   wow, that's $12.50 an hour.   In my business of
insurance, I think I make $1.95 an hour.   :-)
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  Hi Carl,
  Hey, jumping in is ok with me, even it you don't always get
it right. :O)

  If you don't think the interrupt is a problem, what do you
think the network
  card would do while the modem is dialing in, which takes
awhile? And all the
  other stuff on there too.  You may be right though. :O)

  I just spent six hours trying to speed up a slow computer
that was full and had
  more bugs then?  I gotta charge more.
  I only made seventy five dollars on all that, but I did get
it going and their
  printer and cd writer, etc.

  Bob Noble
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  Subject: [pcductape] Re: Fw: Re: dial up ICS

  | Yes I agree.  I don't know why I jump in like that.  It
  | late at night?   :-)    Your problems are not all that
  | different though.   You still gotta get those DNS numbers.
  | I'll set back and watch you & Bob fix your problem.   I am
  | very interested in how Bob intends to solve the  intercept
  | problem (I don't see it as a problem).   Hi Bob.   :-)   I
  | know this solution is after you two get the networking
  | so I'll quit talking for now.
  | Carl
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  |   From: Pam
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  |   Subject: [pcductape] Re: Fw: Re: dial up ICS
  |   Hi Carl,
  |   I think using a cable provider would be different than a
  | dialup, but also, I think what Bob was asking was in
  | to a network.
  |   Pam
  |     Hi Bob,
  |     Hi Pam,
  |     I don't think I will be much help because I'm on
  | but I'll show what I have in my office network.   We have
  | Windows 2000 Prof, 2 Windows ME and 1 Windows XP, home
  | edition, all connect via cable (Houston Road Runner) and
  | is the tcp settings I have on my Windows 2000 Prof host:
  |      Everything is automatic.
  |     Carl
  |     ctm007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  |     > Sandi,
  |     > What did you use for the dns settings on the network
  | card for the pic attached
  |     > on your server?  Or anyone else know?
  |     > Bob Noble
  |     > www.sonic.net/bnoble

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