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I've been forwarding them straight to her just in case.  That we others can
benefit from the posts too if they want.


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Sandi is in trouble so post all replies of help to the email below to


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> I'm in need of some serious help.  Posting from the web on hubby's puter
> because earlier today I was showing off some of my digipics of the
> grandson when Irfanview froze up windows on me and I had to reboot.  On
> the first try, as soon as it got to the chkdsk point, it rebooted
> without running.  Same thing on subsequent reboots.  Finally got it into
> safe mode via F8 but my windows Font folder and my Documents and
> Settings folder are now corrupted and can't be accessed at all.  I was
> able to run System restore but that did no good.  I still can't boot
> into normal mode and all the fonts are messed up which makes even
> safemode nearly unreadable.  I can use the "run" command from the Start
> menu but I can't remember the command for restoring files from the XP
> CD?  I can't afford to lose 90GBs of info that's on this drive, not to
> mention all my emails.  I only have access to hubby's puter for a couple
> of hours, but if need be I can use the daughter's box.  I have a massive
> headache from all this.  I hope someone can help soon before my emails
> start bouncing.  LOL
> Sandi

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