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Hi Vic,

Understood.    I grew up as a young person with "mean" relatives;   that is my 
Uncle and his wife had 4 kids our ages (my mom had 4 kids) and we fought 
constantly, them and us.   The Uncle was a nice guy but he died at an early 
age.    When he died the widow refused to have any further contact with us 
"Martin" kids, we were beneath her.    Over the years I've tried many times to 
repair the relationship but alas it was not to be.    It's been 40+ years and 
she still will not have anything to do with us.    I tried to have a family 
reunion every other year and of course I always invite her & her kids (my 
cousins) but they never come.    Now the letters to her and to her kids all 
come back endorsed "addressee unknown", meaning they have moved and left no 
forwarding address. 

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  No have relatives in Houston, have relatives elsewhere in the USA though they 
refuse to recognize us as relatives - been a long going debate between the 
  Have relatives in lots of other places though !!!!

  TTFN - Vic

  Carl wrote:

    Hi Vic,

    The complements go to Pam.    She did do a great job.
    Hey Vic, don't say never.   There is a very large population here in 
Houston, Texas who have relatives in Israel.   You may one day come to Houston 
to visit a long lost cousin.    Once here, there is a great possibility you 
will fall in love with the place and never leave.


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