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That is so awesome!  btw, I didn't know you were a Mason???  My youngest
daughter is in the Rainbow Girls and my grandmother was in the Eastern Star.

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Hi Guys,

A couple of months ago I asked a question on this list "how does one prepare
a website?" and several people responded when Deb said she would teach us.
Well I got 2 lessons done and then became very busy and lesson 3 was lost
because I had to "restore" my main computer back to factory settings because
of a very foolish stunt I pulled when I downloaded a file to "fix" my auto
logon with Windows xp.   You may recall I could boot into safe mode but
could not boot into regular mode and I tried each and every one of your
suggestions.   Finally, I took the sick harddrive out and gave it to my son
who put it in his computer as a slave and he made DVD's (they hold more data
than cdr's) of all my data and gave the harddrive back to me and I restore
the booger.   Anyway, back to my topic;   Pam, the young lady on our list
who has her own highly successful Internet business down in South Texas
wrote to me privately and said she would build me one and by George she did.
Her announcement of the finished product is below.

Comments are welcome.


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From: Pam
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Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2004 5:45 PM
Subject: Carl Martin Insurance web site

Introducing:    http://www.carlmartininsurance.com/

Congratulations! Your new website has been activated and is now live!

Though it has taken a little while (and longer than you wanted it to take)
to get here I hope you will find the wait has been worth it. You have a
smart, professional looking site, built with future growth in mind. I hope
it serves you well.

Give me a holler (or call) if you have any questions.


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