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Hi Eric,

You knew that Bob, the River Man, on Pcductape list is looking for a new
icon for his new web page concerning the brain and the body and life.   I
think your "running" skeleton on your website is just what he needs.   :-)


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> Hi Mike,
> You are correct; I should have clarified my statement. What I wanted
> to put across is the fact that there are no VHF or UHF modulators in a
> DVD player, therefore by using one of the direct outputs into a
> suitable TV of recent manufacture, he should experience no problems at
> all with a PAL TV. I do not know of any recent PAL TV that is not
> multi-standard, all the TV's available here in SA are multi-standard
> PAL (in its various modes) as well as NTSC. South Africa is also
> Region 2, and uses the PAL I system, as is used in the UK.
> That Guy In Africa...
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