[pcductape] Re: Free website virus scan could be dangerous

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  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 14:25:20 +0200


Known about that one for years and always recommended it

Pam wrote:

This is a good online scanner. Doesn't have the security problems either.
They make an excellent AV product too.

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    Only if they have succedded in placing a particular script on your
    comp in the Internet temp files................. it is possible
    but not so easy to do

    Personally I use online scanners as a last resort - especially if
    I am on someone else's computer trying to fix it and they do not
    have an AV problem installed or if it is playing up

Carl wrote:

Hey Guys,
Below is an email message I received from a virus research
firm. What is alarming is the indications that a hacker can get
into your system if you use a free website virus scan at two of
the sites listed below. I use website virus all the time; usually housecall but occasionaly I use Panda (very very slow).
Researcher Claims Online Anti-virus Scanners Buggy
By Larry Seltzer
April 7, 2004

    UPDATED: Online scanners from Symantec, McAfee and
    Panda all contain buffer overflows. One researcher
    claims an attacker could execute arbitrary code,
    another just that they could crash the browser. Panda
    reports their software has been fixed and Symantec
    and McAfee confirm the browser crash.

    An Israeli security researcher claims to have found
    security holes in the free online scanners of three
    major anti-virus companies.

    Rafel Ivgi, also known as "The Insider," in posts to
    several security mailing lists, claims that Panda
    ActiveScan, McAfee FreeScan, and Symantec Virus
    Detection all suffer from buffer overflows that could
    allow an attacker to crash the system and potentially
    execute arbitrary code.

    Read more here:
    Copyright © 1996-2004 Ziff Davis Media Inc.

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