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  • Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 20:37:53 -0700

Got the following in the latest LangaList...

6) "Ad-Aware Let Us Down Again"
Fred, You have taught me more then anyone else over the years and I sincerely thank you. I was disappointed last year when Lavasoft stopped supporting Updates to Ad-Aware and left the customers all hanging. Without current updates it was worthless and I deleted it. I now have Ad-Aware Plus, version 6.0, build 158, and wondered why for well over a month there were no "new" updates available? In that time my Spybot and Pest Patrol had many updates. I went to the Lavasoft web site tonight and found that even though, I have version 6.0, they have stopped Update access to any release less than build 181.... If I cannot even manually download and install the Updates to my older build of the current version, then this utility will go into my Dumpster and I will never use Lavasoft again. Lavasoft seriously needs to rethink what they are doing if they want people to use their product.--- Dean Ross

I agree, Dean. It's now been almost a year since Lavasoft started having major trouble, first with their site going dark for days and weeks; then, when the site came back, there was a period of many month with no updates, despite the proliferation of new hostile adware/spyware/malware; then they had a new round of site problems; and now there have been a number of glitches with the new version 6, too.

PestPatrol and Spybot also have had their share of growing pains--- no one is immune, especially in this, which may be the fastest-growing area in software: New hostile adware/spyware/malware crops up almost every day, requiring an extremely aggressive coding effort on the part of the vendors selling protective software.

But Lavasoft's ongoing and pernicious problems--- almost a year!--- make me unwilling to rely on Ad-Aware as much more than a backup or secondary tool. I have not purchased the Pro version of Ad-Aware, and don't plan to until and unless the dust settles and they have a *long* run without serious outages, hassles or glitches.

Meanwhile, I rely on Spybot (which I paid for via voluntary donation) and PestPatrol (which I simply bought). No tool is perfect, and all the tools in this category have some rough spots. But these two tools seem to nicely backstop each other. Combined with a good firewall and an up-to-date antivirus tool, they've kept my PC safe and pest-free, despite the worst the internet has had to offer. <g>

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