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You misunderstood the question I think - I did not mean how big as in
physical size but rather how big as in market sector. 




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Hi Victor,

Saturday, September 20, 2003, 10:35:54 PM, you wrote:

VF> No no K-marts

VF> Probably be easier if you could somehow rank Wal-Mart - top 10? Top 
VF> 20 ? Or something like that.

VF> In any case in this regards would they be thought of as among the 
VF> leaders in their area of expertise - in other words would the rest 
VF> of the market follow their trend [at least technologically].?

From what I've read, they were apparently the first to really push barcodes.

How big? I can't think of anything to compare them to. Well, think of a
short block in a residential area; the building itself would cover the
entire block (assuming the block is square), and you'd need another one for
the parking lot. It's pretty much the descendant of the old dry-goods store,
and the more recent 5&10 store, where you could get nearly everything that
you'd typically need to buy. The super-WalMart that was built here recently
(to take the place of the older WalMart that was built less than 5 years
earlier) includes a bank, small restaurant, optician, ophthalmologist,
photographer, druggist, video/DVD/game rental, groceries, clothes, auto
stuff, garden stuff, electronics, etc.


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