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Actually Bill, most routers/hardware firewalls CAN be configured to allow 
different applications (FTP servers, voice chat, file sharing, etc...) access 
to specific UDP and TCP ports or a single computer to be put in the DMZ 
(completely opening ALL ports, incoming and outgoing).  Check the manual to 
find out how to do this on your make/model.

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  Yep, Trapper, XP does have a built in firewall.  So many programs, cookies,
  etc. want to "call home" though and I understand their firewall does not
  block these, only blocks incoming stuff.  Sygate would block everything
  unless I gave it permission.  To be honest, I don't know if the hardware
  firewall blocks outgoing or not.  But it blocks incoming in addition to
  what XP does.  XP's firewall can be turned off - the hardware firewall
  cannot.....   Bill 

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  > Doesnt xp have it's own built in firewall?
  > chuck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
  > >
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  > >
  > >
  > >> Carl, I used Sygate for a long time and was very happy with it.  The 
  > >> only
  > >> reason I quit was that I now have a hardware firewall..... Bill
  > >>
  > >
  > > Cable or DSL? Which one do you have? Which do you think (anyone) is 
  > > the best hardware firewall for a cable modem user who routes through a 
  > > Netgear router to hook 4 computers to the Internet via a cable modem?
  > >
  > > Chuck

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