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2 different machines. The firefox I was on yesterday was on my old machine.
The new box I was telling yall about is up and going now. I want my
bookmarks from sparky, my win2k machine I've been running for years,  to now
be on jupiter, my new box running XP Pro.
Make sense now?

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  Pam; remember that I too am still new at using this fire fox..
  From what I can gather is you once had fire fox and all it's little
bookmarks of choice..you then re-installed fire fox and are now wanting to
copy the old goodies into your new setup?
  You can't find them..so I am wondering if when you installed the new fire
fox if it wiped out all old fire fox stuff??
  Can you remember the name of any folder at all from the old fire fox..any
at all?
  A search for this should find the path for what your wanting..If not then
I am thinking they may be gone???

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