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      AutoWhat? 2

      AutoComplete Errors Fixed
      Internet Explorer's AutoComplete feature can save you a lot of
      time when completing Web forms but it doesn't allow you to edit
      "saved" responses. This can be a real pain, particularly when it
      has saved wrong or mistyped responses. Now you can edit to your
      heart's content with this free utility from PC Magazine (1.24MB)

      By Neil J. Rubenking

      Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5 and later) has an AutoComplete
feature that helps you fill in Web-based forms. If the feature is enabled,
each time you submit data in a form, the information is encrypted and stored
on your local machine. The next time you encounter a form field with the
same internal field name, IE will try to complete that field automatically.
As soon as you type a letter that matches the beginning of any recorded
value for that field, IE will display a list of possible values from which
you can choose (see Figure 1). To see all saved values, press the Down
Arrow. You can turn this feature on and off and even clear the recorded data
of all form fields using the Internet Options applet in the Control Panel.
But that's all the control you have. This issue's utility, AutoWhat? 2, lets
you view the values that are stored for each input field name, delete
incorrect ones, and even preload the system with additional AutoComplete

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