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What pic?  I didn't see any pic.  Whatchootalkinbout?
Ironically, another list of mine was talking about this very thing the other
day.  One guy from Australia was telling us how he is great at BBQing on the
"Barbie".  What he described was grilling a fajitas type meal.
And of course, another girl and I had to be sure and put a plug in for world
famous BBQ from Texas!  =)

Speaking of worn out pits.... got one of those too. =(


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| Don't need a BBQ list to be able to BBQ - lol,

Well Vic,
If it was a BBQ list, they'd say you weren't BBQing. They'd say you are
grilling, at least in this pic.
But for me, it doesn't matter, as it's all in the eating. :O)

Bob Noble
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| Bob,
| Don't need a BBQ list to be able to BBQ - lol, after almost 10 years of
| BBQing almost every other evening with all sorts of folks from all over
| world - I pretty much have a handle on things. I even had to get a new
| - barrel pit as the old one simply wore out.
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| Vic

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