[pcductape] FW: [PC-Ductape] Help! XP crashed and it can't get up.

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  • Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 15:21:39 -0600

From Sandi.


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Forgot to mention that I can't post to our main group from the web so if 
someone would be so kind as to forward my previous post I would be most 
grateful.  TIA.


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From: Sandi Neumann [mailto:sanneumann@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [PC-Ductape] Help! XP crashed and it can't get up.

I'm in need of some serious help.  Posting from the web on hubby's puter 
because earlier today I was showing off some of my digipics of the 
grandson when Irfanview froze up windows on me and I had to reboot.  On 
the first try, as soon as it got to the chkdsk point, it rebooted 
without running.  Same thing on subsequent reboots.  Finally got it into 
safe mode via F8 but my windows Font folder and my Documents and 
Settings folder are now corrupted and can't be accessed at all.  I was 
able to run System restore but that did no good.  I still can't boot 
into normal mode and all the fonts are messed up which makes even 
safemode nearly unreadable.  I can use the "run" command from the Start 
menu but I can't remember the command for restoring files from the XP 
CD?  I can't afford to lose 90GBs of info that's on this drive, not to 
mention all my emails.  I only have access to hubby's puter for a couple 
of hours, but if need be I can use the daughter's box.  I have a massive 
headache from all this.  I hope someone can help soon before my emails 
start bouncing.  LOL


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