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Hi Pam,

I see what you mean.   I guess the issue for me is "how important" is the
original photo v disk space.   I guess I had better keep my son's wedding
pictures as an original format.   :-)   Btw, he works where you were and it
is top secret and he never talks about his job.


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> Yikes, I sent this to topica without realizing it.  Topica balked at the
> attachments and bounced it back to me.  =(
> Here goes again.
> Pam
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> Technically, yes.  But you will lose quality when you resize it back up.
> The degree of quality will depend on the quality of the original image,
> much you reduce the size, what compression rate you choose, and then how
> much you increase the size back to.
> To give you an example of what I mean, attached are 3 pics, the original
> DCP_3586, reduced 50% DCP_3586reduced50, and the 3rd image is the reduced
> image blown back up to its original size.  Compare the quality of the 2
> images.
> The pic, btw, was taken a couple of weeks ago at NASA in Houston.  It is
> the original Mission Control room, which is no longer in service as of
> year.  It is now deemed a historical thing. We weren't allowed to view or
> even know the location of the new Mission Control room.
> Pam

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