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You're right there... I thought it *was* Tammy at first! Beautiful dog!

Tammy had an operation last year for torn ligaments in her left back leg. I
have no idea how she did this - just noticed her limping one day. I have
Camel-Thorn trees in my garden, and if one stands on one of these thorns,
you certainly will limp for a day or two. But this carried on, and it was
very upsetting seeing her limp around only on three legs.

I took her to 4 different vets, the first three could find nothing wrong
with her at all, but the 4th instantly diagnosed torn ligaments. She had an
op, he inserted new ligaments (think he said they were made of nylon) and
she now walks & runs around just fine! Her favourite toys are an empty
2-litre Coke bottle, and a piece of rope, she & Rusty (the Jack Russell)
spend hours chasing each other around and playing Tug-O'-War with one

All three dogs sleep in my bedroom at night, Tammy has adopted an old
armchair, Legs sleeps in the opening under a chest of drawers, and Rusty
usually sleeps on my bed cuddled up next to my feet. Yesterday morning I
woke up, turned to my right, and there Rusty was lying next to me, on his
back with all 4 legs pointed straight up into the air, his head on the
pillow, without a worry in the world. Gotta luv 'em!
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  Hi Eric,

    They're still not showing up.  Most of the pictures do, only those three
I can't see.

    You're dog Tammy looks just like my dog, Wakiza!  We think he's part
Husky and part Pit-Bull, but we're not sure.  He has one blue eye and one
hazel.  I changed this email to html only so I could show you his picture:

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