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Some years ago, someone (Sandi? Trapper?) on this list pointed out a
way to do fancy signatures in a .gif file, and I have done just that.
What *should* be there is an old quill pen signing "Eric" in fancy
script. For some reason, the gif file apparently was never loaded onto
the webpage and I wasn't aware of this, because it shows up perfectly
in my computer! When I looked at it's properties I only then realised
that it has never been uploaded to the web page of my IP, but was
instead loading the picture from my computer's hard drive.

I have two ISP Servers, @lantic & GDS. This page is on the GDS server,
and unless I am very stupid (a definite possibility!) I don't seem to
be able to log into the GDS server when I'm on the @lantic one, using
an FTP program with the correct passwords etc. I imagine I would have
to be on the GDS server to make the necessary changes to the site. GDS
is more of a standby server, not my main one, and they frequently seem
to experience connectivity problems on the Internet so I do not
usually log on through them.

Attached is what is supposed to be showing.

That Guy In Africa...
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The only one that doesn't show up for me is one on the very bottom, a
counter maybe.

Is it possible that Eric's playfulness caught you off guard?  He has 2
captions for each wildlife picture, one is is real and the other is
written. I count only 9 real pictures, and the painting at the bottom
might be mistaken as real.


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