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Gridlines only show up on the screen - for them to be printed you have to
format the "borders" of the cells you want to print [don't format the whole
workpage otherwise you'll print out a huge amount of empty cells. To do this
Highlight the cells you want to create borders 
Right-click and choose "Formet Cells..."
In the window that pops up choose the "Border" tab
Choose the type of bordering you want and "okay"
That should do it.
BTW, the tip that Pam passed on about copying from one cell to another in
another workpage - "linking" means that is you change cell "A2" on page 1
then cell "T5" that you linked to will also change.


TTFN - Vic

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Hi all 
  Have a couple of quick questions (I hope). 
  Using Micro$haft Excel in the Office 2000 pro. 
  1) Want to automatically copy the data in cell E5 tab one to cell G6 in
tab two, what is the formula for doing that, I just cannot get it to work
and the stupid paperclip is of no help. 
  2) When I print out my page I want it to print the gridlines. I have under
tools>options>view, gridlines is checked. What am I missing. 
  Gesh it feels like a monday. 
the M$ Office hater....hehe 

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