[pcductape] Re: Epson Photo Paper

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  • Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 15:13:08 -0500

Hey Trapper,    Didn't you put too many 0's on the $10 worth of paper?    I 
just have to ask, What do you do with all that paper?   I know you do 
"paintings" but I did not know you would do a painting on photo paper.

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  I would buy it form whoever has the best price...We get ours over at Costco. 
We buy about $1000 worth at a time..

  I don't know that I would say Hp is a leader in anything...( personal opinion 
) We found that the surface texture of the HP was such that it did not give us 
the quality of the Epson paper.  Keep in mind that we are extremely fussy and 
probably a lot more critical than you will need to be...Having said that if you 
can't locate the Epson then go with the HP..

  Arts of Alaska
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  Subject: [pcductape] Epson Photo Paper

  Well there we go again.   I assumed that HP was the leader in photos, 
software, hardware and paper;  but I guess not.    Should I buy the paper from 
Office Depot or should I order it online from Epson?


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