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 Dan no offense taken..after all that is what this list is for..i think. I
know what you mean, several years ago, I had 66mhz and was use to creeping.
I would check email constantly to keep things running smooth. I use to tweak
as much as I could to get speed. I had found out that when i put in a brand
new hard drive..wow..that made a huge difference. My very first one was a
Tandy and my husband and I were hooked..would hurry to get home to it first.
Then finally got another one..then another one..most used or freebies. Then
i would salvage parts and try to revamp what i could. Recently I bought this
new compaq , and finally got xp.. so far xp for me rocks!! I'm still
learning as I go. I also came up from a external burner into this internal
one..that is wonderful. To burn i use to have to shut everything down and
burn one song at a time or i got errors. This for me has been so much better
 but ..I tend to be very cautious about installing anything just incase. My
old sys I could always reinstall with my cd..this one doesnt have one, but i
do have the d partition from compaq that will fix it all back. but still
leary!! I plan on getting involved in this scanning tomorrow..and learning
more. I use to use an old handheld on win 98, but now with this flatbed and
xp, there are so many more options.  don't worry about being windy..I like
that...as long as  you don't laugh at my spelling..its the pits! TTFN 
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Barb I hope you didn't think I was criticizing you about the attachment you 
sent. A 3 minute download isn't a big deal anyway. I keep telling all my 
friends that my dialup is slow compared to their Broadband and DSL but they 
forget and send me these monstrous files that take 20 or 30 minutes to Load and 
there I sit waiting. Kinda frustrating when I'm really just wanting to check my 
mail real quick and get back to work but hey they're friends and I'm just happy 
to hear from them :-). We don't have DSL or Broadband available here either and 
don't know if I would pay $40 or $50 a month for it if it was. I just went from 
a 400mhz pentium 2 computer to a new Dell with XP and it seems fast too. Been 
fooling with computers for about 5 years now but I have much to learn and I 
learn most of it on lists like this, Don't know what I would do without them. 
Sorry for the long winded reply, Enjoy your scanner, Dan 

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