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If I hadn't had problems I wouldn't have switched either.  But I will save
about $16 a month for a year and about $6 a month after that.

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  Hi Martha,

  I had been warned that cable connection will slow near the end of a work
day but I've never experienced that with TimeWarner Road Runner.   I seem to
have outstanding speed 24/7.   I have received offers from Sprint DSL that
is $8 per month cheaper but I think I will just stay with Road Runner, since
I am not having problems.


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    I have to say setting up DSL was one of the easiest things I've ever
done. And with my Linksys router, all the computers were connected with no
    I had Comcast cable connection and when it worked it was great.  Ever
since Comcast took over for AT&T I've had problems. The last month, everyday
about 6:30 PM, the connection speed dropped so low it was slower than
dialup. Web pages times out all the time.  I got my email ok, but that was
it. By the next morning the speed would be back up. I called to complain and
all of a sudden it was better. Then about 1:30 AM Christmas day the fastest
speed was 400 Baud! (I had already decided to switch to DSL, but it wasn't
turned on yet) Comcast never got any better.  I suspect someone is running
an illegal server on this node of Comcast.  But since they didn't see fit to
investigate, I changed to DSL.  So far it is great! True, download speeds
are slower, but I don't do much downloadin any more.


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