[pcductape] Re: Corroding contact fingers, Right way to clean.

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  • Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 21:09:46 -0800

You're right Trapper,
I didn't say you couldn't use the eraser trick. You can, but, in time you may have just made the problem worse by removing some more of the thin plated gold. Course, as long as you got it out of the shop, it's now the customers problem, right?

People use vacuum cleaners to clean out computers too. But that isn't right either. You risk blowing out parts with static electricity. When cleaning with a vacuum it usually doesn't blow it out right away, but is just waiting to happen. The static punches through a semiconductor junction, making a very small resistor that slowly heats and gets bigger until you have a failure. Course, shops that practice this, likely get more business in time. Who was to say what happened?
Bob Noble
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The eraser works just fine in most cases Sandy.
I look at it this way..You bring your car into the shop and the guy is
always telling you to do this or that..always got to have the best, or
you could just tie it together with some bailing twine and it works
great for the next 15 years..:-)
I don't think Bob was saying that we couldn't use the eraser trick, just
that the manual says...!

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