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ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The 56 finalists, from 10 countries, represent the most innovative and visionary applications of information technology from the 2004 Computerworld Honors collection. Finalists were selected by a panel of distinguished judges based on benefit to society, importance of IT, originality, success and difficulty.

Finalists in each of the 10 categories are being honored today at Washington’s historic National Building Museum.

This year’s full collection of finalists and laureates includes technology applications from 33 states and 26 countries. Case studies will be posted online at www.cwheroes.org, where the entire collection is available to scholars, researchers and the general public worldwide.


    * Accenture Ltd. -- Overseas U.S. citizens cast votes with confidence from any Internet-capable PC, doubling the number that can participate in elections.

    * BizRate.com -- The world's largest independent shopping search engine provides 1 million users each day with prices, availability and consumer ratings.

    * Equifax Inc. -- Automated monitoring and reporting of credit files alerts consumers to transactions that may be the result of identity theft.

    * Exostar LLC -- End-to-end encryption assures that only two users -- the sender and intended recipient -- can read Internet-delivered documents.

    * Foundstone Inc. -- A vulnerability management system scans systems and Internet addresses, keeping the University of California, Irvine's computing network available to students and staff.


    * Case Western Reserve University -- The world's fastest metropolitan network provides Gigabit connectivity to all of Cleveland's nonprofit institutions and paves the way for the first-ever citywide Wi-Fi access.

    * Harvard Medical School -- Students access an entire medical school curriculum online with wireless devices, moving easily from classroom to library to home.

    * MIT and Sapient Corp. -- The materials used in the teaching of virtually all university and graduate subjects are made available without charge on the Internet, promoting the university's mission.

    * Perkins School for the Blind -- A vast library of Braille and unabridged recorded books, together with large-print versions, serves users who can't read traditional type.

    * University of Michigan -- Collaboratively developed, community-oriented digital resources and multimedia initiatives celebrate multiculturalism and diversity.


    * Calpine Corp. -- One of North America's leading power companies helps ensure reliable and profitable operation by means of consolidated Internet information portals.

    * Galp Energia SGPS SA -- The first-ever system for customer identification by fingerprint allows drivers one-touch purchasing of gasoline.

    * Little Diversified Architectural Consulting -- Integration of natural light analysis into 3-D architecture software facilitates the design of sustainable buildings that take maximum advantage of natural light.

    * SAT Corp./Lyondell-Citgo Refining LP -- Mobile workflow management technology catalyzes a new focus on proactive and preventive maintenance of oil refinery assets, lowering costs and eliminating most secondary failures.

    * SK Corp. -- Korea's largest petroleum and chemical company transformed 140 legacy systems into a single integrated ERP environment.

    * Wildlife Center of Virginia -- A teaching hospital for wildlife medicine uses advanced e-learning technologies to educate students in Africa and South America.


    * CUNA Mutual Group -- A single infrastructure provides secure access to a nationwide service provider's own employees, the employees of its 10,000 credit-union clients and the credit union's customers.

    * Merrill Lynch & Co. -- Users needing storage for local servers make Internet requests to a worldwide 500TB storage pool, which reconfigures overnight and makes the requested storage available the next morning.

    * Moneris Solutions Corp. -- A half-million merchants enjoy instant online access to daily and monthly reports on credit card transactions, plus the ability to download information directly into their own management systems.

    * PICC Property and Casualty Co. -- The largest non-life-insurance company in China establishes IT as its core competency, integrating all lines of business in a single standardized environment.

    * The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. -- The world's largest financial services post-trade organization established backup facilities 1,000 miles from the New York exchanges, helping to ensure uninterrupted clearance and settlement of securities.


    * City of Cape Town -- The world's largest local government ERP system enhances the ability of 28,000 municipal employees to provide service to more than 3 million citizens.

    * New York City Department of Finance -- A city property ownership department that responds to more than 1 million requests each year provides access to deeds and other legal instruments.

    * North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System -- One of the U.S.'s largest nonprofit health care systems applies best practices through combined clinical and nonclinical applications.

    * Province of Ontario -- A fully integrated, standards-based network enables 60,000 provincial employees to share information.

    * Michigan Department of Transportation -- Information about 450,000 annual vehicle crashes is brought together into one database, lowering costs and increasing the visibility of accident risks.


    * Corrugated Supplies Corp. -- A midsize corrugated-materials manufacturer accepts orders from its packaging customers electronically and provides updated status right up to delivery.

    * Hewlett-Packard Co. -- The computer industry's largest supply chain is consolidated onto an interstate collaborative e-marketplace, reducing cycle times and enhancing value chain veracity in a collaborative way.

    * Infineon Technologies AG -- Development of a radical new manufacturing planning system, capable of handling new complexities, allows a busy manufacturing system to upgrade without disruption.

    * Kirchner Corp. -- Constantly traveling jewelry sales representatives enter new orders through wireless handheld PDAs on the spot, increasing accuracy and factory flexibility while reducing delivery times to the customer.

    * Novalux Inc. -- Intensive simulation of fundamental physics enables the design and production of a radical new laser that can be 50 times smaller and two orders of magnitude more efficient than previous devices.


    * Apple Computer Inc. -- A digital music jukebox provides Windows and Macintosh users with a fully integrated music store.

    * Kasenna Inc. -- A dramatic reduction in bandwidth requirements allows even small organizations to offer video on demand, lowering the cost of training.

    * Museum of Modern Art (New York) -- A streamlined interface reduces the number of Web site clicks by 75%, serving more than 4,000 pages to the museum's constituency and maintaining connections during major renovations.

    * Reuters Group -- Pioneering use of live and on-demand video delivers company news to employees in 197 offices in 94 countries.

    * American Museum of the Moving Image -- Ultrahigh-capacity tape drives enable the high-resolution scanning, storage and retrieval of key items from a collection of 100,000 films, recordings and images.

    * University of Michigan -- Multimedia technology enables the addition of a new set of Arabic-language courses to meet demand among nonacademics who will use Arabic in their business careers.

    * Vizible Corp. -- People can now repurpose, package and share content without creative limitations, from any data source to any device.


    * Cogon Systems -- Placing complete information in a health care provider's hands at the critical "moment of care" when clinical decisions are being made improves operational efficiency and enhances patient care.

    * Ekos Corp. -- Low-energy ultrasound dramatically improves the rate at which catheter-administered drugs reach the areas in the body where they are needed, providing particular benefit to stroke victims.

    * R2 Technology Inc. -- The first organization to receive FDA approval for computer-enhanced mammogram interpretation applies its advanced learning algorithms to the detection of abnormalities in lung images, increasing accuracy by providing a second pair of eyes.

    * Robertson Research Institute -- A handheld clinician's assistant holds a wealth of medical knowledge typically unavailable in developing countries and provides updated diagnosis response.

    * SPSS Inc. and Children's Memorial Hospital (Chicago) -- A scientist uses data mining technology to detect patterns in the large amount of data generated from a child's brain tumor sample, advancing research in the field.

    * United Devices Inc. -- The world's largest computer grid aggregates the unused computer capacity of more than 2 million volunteers for critical projects such as identifying drug candidates for treating smallpox, anthrax and cancer.


    * Columbus Zoo (Ohio) -- Streaming video and audio from cameras throughout the 100-acre zoo complex improve the ability of veterinarians to care for animals while remaining unobtrusive during critical events such as births.

    * CoreTek Inc. -- Tunable lasers allow fiber-optic networks to operate programs at any of the network's wavelengths, dramatically increasing Internet bandwidth.

    * Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center -- The country's most powerful supercomputer supports more detailed understanding of earthquake intensity.

    * Rice University -- Leadership in software techniques for high-performance computing has kept the job of scientist and engineers manageable while the hardware systems they rely on become increasingly complicated.

    * Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University -- The world's third-most-powerful supercomputer is created from scratch in three months using PCs, dramatically lowering the cost of advanced scientific research.


    * Air New Zealand Ltd. -- Rapid analysis and reporting of more than 20 million rows of complex revenue and cost data per month give the small airline the ability to compete against industry giants.

    * Britannia Airways Ltd. -- Cabin crews receive detailed flight instructions into the same handheld PDAs that they then use to handle in-flight purchase transactions.

    * California Department of Transportation, District 4 Maintenance -- Online reporting of more than 1,000 traffic accidents per month reduces the time to clear an accident scene.

    * Centre for Railway Information Systems -- The world's second-largest railway system, with 11 million passengers a day, enables same-day ticket purchasing from a wide range of sources.

    * U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics -- The agency charged with supplying data and statistics to the whole federal transportation community dramatically improves the speed and flexibility of its services.

    * Hutchison Port Holdings -- The world's leading port investor, developer and operator optimizes the flow of materials with a worldwide terminal management system, enhancing the power of its customers' supply chains.

    * Southwest Airlines Co. -- A materials management strategy enables an airline's maintenance plan to be immediately reflected in its material and supply plan.


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