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  • Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 13:09:50 -0400

Yes, but it's only an exe file.  No uninstaller. 

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Does this program have it's own folder? Look for one & see if there is
an uninstaller there.

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Subject: [pcductape] Can't take this out of startup!

There is a program that I downloaded called Sweepstakes Alert that is
supposed to let you know when the site gets new sweepstakes
(http://www.sweepstakesonline.com  )  The program runs in the background
and is in startup.  Only thing is, it doesn't show up under the startup
folder, there is nothing about it under Add/Remove programs, and when I
go into msconfig it's not there.  I cannot uninstall this thing or take
it out of startup!  The only place I did see it show up was under system

Does anyone know how I can get this out of startup and uninstall it?
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