[pcductape] Re: Can't take this out of startup!

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  • Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 12:08:48 -0400

MessageYou can disable the service by going to Start/All
Programs/Administrative Tools/Services.  Simply double click on the entry
then click "Stop" then choose your preferred setting (manual, auto,
disable).  As for removing the service, it might be found under Windows
Components in the Add/Remove Programs.

Sandi <the happy gramma>
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  There is a program that I downloaded called Sweepstakes Alert that is
supposed to let you know when the site gets new sweepstakes
(http://www.sweepstakesonline.com  )  The program runs in the background and
is in startup.  Only thing is, it doesn't show up under the startup folder,
there is nothing about it under Add/Remove programs, and when I go into
msconfig it's not there.  I cannot uninstall this thing or take it out of
startup!  The only place I did see it show up was under system information:

  Does anyone know how I can get this out of startup and uninstall it?

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