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  • Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 19:55:13 -0600

Hey Bob,



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> At 12:15 PM 10/25/03, Carl wrote:
> >I am using Nero 5 software to copy data from one computer to another.   I
> >can burn the data files ok into the new cdrom diskette but when I check
> >it's properties I see that it is read only and it shows the entire
> >diskette to be full when it only has 7.71 mb and the diskette is size 700
> >mb.   What am I doing wrong?
> I had to do it without using the Wizard.
> In the helpfile, go to: "Creating a Multisession CD".
> It says something about going into the 'options' tab and clearing the
> checkmarks for "Replace files in compilation" and "Add new files to
> compilation".
> If I go to my computer and look at a multisession CD, it shows the disc to
> be full
> but I can still write more files to that CD.

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