[pcductape] Re: Buffer Underrun ?

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  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 16:11:52 EST

In a message dated 11/12/2003 11:07:06 PM Central Standard Time, 
lars2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> ,
>   I use Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.  It does have the test and burn, but it
> seems to go forever so I don't use it- which could be my problem!  Do I
> have to run the test every time I burn a CD, or only once?  Thanks for
> the info.  I was beginning to wonder if my CD burner was broken. Once I
> run the test, will it set it to run at a slower speed if need be, or do
> I do that manually?  Thanks. 

Hi Lisa
  I use Adaptec / Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 too. If I remember, yes it will set 
the speed for you. Like you I have an old burner (no burn proof technology), 
works well, burns slow ( 2x ) but gets the job done. I make sure that I have 
nothing running except my firewall and antivirus. Make sure that you turn off 
your screensaver. I have my power management set to never shut anything down. 
When I burn, that is all that I do on the machine. Haven't had a coaster in, 
well been so long that I cannot remember when the last one was. 
  Take care

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