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  • From: Lisa Schnepf <lars2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 01:40:36 -0500

Hi Bob,

  I found the internet options also under IE, Tools, Internet Options.
Under Connection, nothing is checked. That's probably why I always have
a problem registering software online.  However, I'm afraid that if I
change something, I won't be able to access the internet.  This is what
it looks like:

And when I click on LAN settings, this is what I see:

Anything I should do here? Thanks.

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Hi Lisa,

Ok, I think I understand.

You do not want to use the proxy, at least I don't think you do.

You need to go to control panel, internet options and click on the
connections tab and put the setting right there. You don't want to set
it to a dial up connection, but want to get it to use your cable

This is where the IE settings are.  Uncheck any proxy settings and make
sure the connection is set to your cable connection.

Sorry, I can't be more specific, but I only use a dial up.

Bob Noble
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