[pcductape] Beautiful World and Hurricanes Formerly :RE: Re: FYI: A new cd for winxp ( you make it yourself )

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Hi Eric,

I know why you don't have hurricanes there.  They all start as small tropical 
depressions off the coast of Africa.  By the time they get accross the Atlantic 
they are madder than H___ and ready to create havoc.  A couple years ago three 
of them hit North Carolina (my state) in one summer.  Now Florida has been hit 
by three and the remnants have come up through the mountains of North Carolina 
(where I live) with lots of wind and rain.  Frances dumped about 12 inches of 
rain on us with lots of flooding - washed out roads/bridges and blew over lots 
of trees.  Then came Ivan with stronger winds but not as much rain, but still 
destructive flash flooding.  My brother lives near Pensacola, Florida, which 
took the brunt of Ivan.  He says he never wants to see another one.

In spite of all this we still live in a beautiful world don't we?  Take 
care........  Bill

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Hi Bill,

I have seen the destruction caused by Hurricane Ivan on TV, it is simply 
unbelievable! My heart goes out to those folks - we don't have that sort of 
thing happening here. Occasionally we might get floods in certain parts of the 
country, but definitely nothing that we can't cope with.

I haven't seen the article re burning your own XP CD as I received a free one 
in the post, and then two more free CDs yesterday when we purchased two new 
laptops. The laptops did not yet have any programs loaded on them when I did 
the update, but the two desktop computers certainly did, and all four 
installations went very smoothly, about 20 minutes for each computer. What I 
did do, and it is important, is to disable all active programs (AV, spy block, 
firewall etc) first before doing the installation, which should be done when 
you are not connected to the Internet. It might be an idea to first run defrag 
as well, before you start the upgrade. I am under the impression that any 
Computer shop will give you a SP2 CD for free, as MS encourages people to share 
their CDs when they have finished with the upgrade.

I hope you are able to sort out your problems, I am sure you will.

That Guy In Africa...
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Hi Carl and Eric,

I attempted to make Fred Langa's bootable CD of XP, patched with SP2.  About 
every other step would hang on me with some message or other.  I figured out a 
few workarounds but finally gave up on it.  It sounded like a good idea, I just 
couldn't get it to work on my computer.

And yes, Eric, its a beautiful world we live in.  After Hurricanes Frances and 
Ivan blew thru here to clear the air, you should see the views from the Blue 
Ridge Parkway in the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia.

Bill (not that one, another one)

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