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Hi Pam,

I said that about Fords, hoping to get Trapper's goat.   :-)
He must be chasing his goat up a mountain.    That is one
thing I do remember about my trip to Alaska;    all the
mountains have goats on them.    The locals call them sheep
but they sure look like goats to me.   :-)

I have 1 car and 1 trk and they are both Fords.   I love
Fords.   I love Microsoft.    I think our Mr Gates is much too
smart to try to "corner" the market on office software like
that article suggested.   :-)

Hey Vic,  12 years ago we could not shoot down missiles going
your way but today we have the means to shootem down before
they leave their homeland (Iraq),   I hope.

You are in our prayers.


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  Well, I don't believe that about the Fords of today, but I
do believe that could be possible for MS one day, but only if
the people who have the intelligence to build future
technology are not employed by MS or are not bought out by MS.


    So we read the article and are angry at Microsoft's
attempt to rule the world, now what.   I see a whole lot of
"small" businesses and individuals  leaving Microsoft.
Granted he's the "Henry Ford" to the computer world as Ford
was to the automobile industry but the auto industry grew into
much better products.    Some believe a ford vehicle is on the
low end of the quality grade for automobiles.   Maybe this
will happen to Mr Gates.


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