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So we read the article and are angry at Microsoft's attempt to
rule the world, now what.   I see a whole lot of "small"
businesses and individuals  leaving Microsoft.    Granted he's
the "Henry Ford" to the computer world as Ford was to the
automobile industry but the auto industry grew into much
better products.    Some believe a ford vehicle is on the low
end of the quality grade for automobiles.   Maybe this will
happen to Mr Gates.


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  I'd bet anything you've never heard of Andrew Grygus or his
  Automation Access.  That's about to change.

  Back on February 23rd, Grugus posted an editorial titled
"2003 and
  Beyond -- Technology trends that will affect your business
and how you
  do business."  You can find Grygus' editorial on the
Automation Access
  site at


  Predicting the future is almost always a fool's errand
[flying car,
  anyone?]  But, using research and news articles from
hundreds of
  different sources, Grygus wrote an 50+ page editorial that
offers an
  in-depth, ten year look at information technology in general
  Microsoft in specific.  As Gryus notes,

       This article is a guide to trends that are already in
full motion
       and well known by technology specialists, but are far
       obvious to most business managers.

  I take exception with Grygus calling "2003 and Beyond" an
article.  It
  isn't an article, it's an editorial.  Granted, it's an
  well researched editorial [the bibliography is *ELEVEN*
pages long], but
  it's an editorial nonetheless.

  Grygus adds that

       Much of this article deals specifically with Microsoft
       Microsoft's future.  This is inescapable, because
Microsoft is a
       huge part of the information industry - and aspires to
being all
       of it.

  And therin lies the problem.  The last seven words of that
quote show
  that Grygus isn’t particularly a lover of Microsoft, and he
allows his
  anti-Microsoft, pro-Open Source/UNIX viewpoint to seep into
  "article" from time to time.  In more than one place in his
  Grygus is long on accusation and short on substantiation.

  All that aside, Grygus' "2003 and Beyond" is one of the most
  things I have read in a LONG time.  It's no "Crime and
  mind you, but "2003 and Beyond" does give a frightening and
eye- opening
  look at Microsoft's public plans over the next decade.

  Here is a small example of why I think Grygus' 50+ page
editorial is a

       The successor to Windows XP (due in 2004, and rapidly
slipping to
       2005) is currently code named Longhorn, and it will not
       compatible with your existing software, hardware or
       Microsoft has already stated that backward
compatibility will
       not be a design feature.

  Here's another one:

       Office 2003 and Windows Sever 2003 will include a
       Management Services feature for document security. ...
       Microsoft can convince businesses to use this feature,
       2003 documents will be completely unreadable by
OpenOffice /
       StarOffice, WordPerfect Office, Lotus, and by all older
       of Microsoft Office, forcing a total upgrade of
Windows, Office
       and the computers it runs on.

  If your reaction to either of these quotes is "whoa!" -- or
if you are
  in ANY way, shape, or form involved with computers and
  technology -- you NEED to take an hour out of your day and
read Andrew
  Grygus "2003 and Beyond" .

  Regardless of whether you agree with Grygus' anti-Microsoft
rhetoric and
  conclusions, I promise that "2003 and Beyond" is an




  "To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent
people and
  the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of
honest critics
  and endure the betrayal  of false friends; to appreciate
beauty, to
  find the best in others; to leave the world a little better;
whether by
  a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social
condition; to know
  even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.


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