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  Sat Phones are real small nowadays - maybe around the 1 pound in weight,
  but the prices are around the 1200$ in the US now.  Have a look at these
  pics for examples




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  I could see that 911 would still work in that case, if one can get a

  The satellite stuff is likely more then you would to spend for the
  equipment and the use. It needs to come way down for us types to use it,
  but it is the only thing that would work.

  Cells have limits on their power, so they only go so far. So, it doesn't
  matter how high you might get sometimes.  Cells don't go over mountains
  Say there is one mounted over a town on a mountain with higher mountains
  in the back, toward the wilderness. the cell wouldn't be available
  anywhere on the other side of that mountain.
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