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If I told you a weird thing about me will you love me in the
morning.   I prefer to drink my water, cokes, and other
beverages warm.    Except milk and orange juice.   But cokes,
I will not drink a cold one.

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  It's not quite so easy as that.
  I have a 12 volt dc plug in he back with a lighter socket
too, but they stay on
  all the time, which I need.
  maybe a little relay with an override switch, just to the
back light socket.

  I learned to drink cokes warm in Vietnam.  It makes life
much easier.
  But I do need to keep a certain amount of food cold, or at
least cool.

  Bob Noble
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  | Just set the hot wire on the cigarette lighter to only
come on when the car
  | or van is running...cig lighter don;t work when the van is
shut off..! If
  | you forget to unplug it then it keeps running and your
battery will be dead
  | in  no time flat...get to drink a cold coke all day, but
you dont get to go
  | nowhere..ha!
  | " + "
  | trapper@xxxxxxx
  | Arts of Alaska
  | by
  | Diane

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