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Did you see the pic's Vic sent...wow..they seem small. Lot smaller than the
one I saw...but the price, is still a killer..but it seems it is the only
way to go for folks like you and me.
Up here we travel many miles along lonely hgwys. I would want Diane to have
one as well as the shotgun in the back seat..It is nothing for us to travel
200 miles and only pass a few cars along the way..

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Trapper, occasionally, even if by mistake, the US gov does something
sensible.  There is a Federal mandate on cell phone providers to route all
911 cell calls as well as calls to the highway patrol - <*HP> here in North
Carolina but different in other states.

As for signal strength I don't think mountain height necessarily makes any
difference in signal strength.  Neither does line of sight.  I live in the
mountains and can see the towers of a cell site but cannot get a call
through.  I think they use directional antenna and can eliminate a specific
area at their whim.

Satellite phones would be our solution.  Maybe someday they will be small
and affordable.....


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  I think they were talking about when my paid time runs out..the 911 is
suppose to still work for free?????
  Wouldn't you think the higher you got the more your phone would work?
  They have these phones that you carry in a bag..heavy critters but work
off of a satellite..seems to me that is the only way to go, but with a
lighter system..
  Whoever thought of relays for Alaska..you cant cross the street to get a
qt. of milk without hitting a mountain.

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