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ha..that is exactly what I need..one of them Amish Laptops..:-)
I took on a few laptops in my earlier years...The first thing I found out
was the cost..out of sight..the second thing I found out was how hard it was
to find the parts. the third thing I found out was I needed a lighted
magnifier and my hands were to fat. The 4th thing I found out was that after
all that it wasn;t as powerful..So I quit trying to fix or build laptops..I
never ever really built one but I did do a few fix's!

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From: Bob Noble
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Subject: [pcductape] Re: Advice Needed

Hi Vic,
The pic shows the only way one would try to build a laptop.
Otherwise, your statements indicate, that one can't really build a lap top.

Bob Noble
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Subject: [pcductape] Re: Advice Needed

| Bob et al,
| You can build a laptop, but..............and here comes the big
| but.......................
| Everything is legacy parts - all are built on a small scale - so you are
| going to get big prices, if you can even find the stuff [ of course ]
| and secondly you are going to have one hell of a problem finding a case
| and screen.
| Of course you could always build one like this -
| http://www.mystique.net/amish.html

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