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I have two batteries with an Isolator...

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From: Bob Noble
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Hi David,
When adding that extra car battery, one can get a small unit called an
that keeps the batteries separate, so you can drain one and still start the
with the other.

And if I was Trapper, out in the sticks, that is the what I would do for
lots of
power for very little expense.
Using the rest of your ideas, of course. :O)
Bob Noble
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| You have to look at power consumption (watts) and purchase an invertor
| has enough wattage to support. You also could install and additional
| in the vehicle and hook it up in parallel so you have more amps to
| You may have to have more then one invertor, however, that is fine also.
| long as the printer is not a laser printer it should work. Laser's require
| quite a bit to power them. The tools are available to easily make a mobile
| office with the technology we have now, and it continues to improve and
| competition is keeping the prices realistic.

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