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You have to look at power consumption (watts) and purchase an invertor that
has enough wattage to support. You also could install and additional battery
in the vehicle and hook it up in parallel so you have more amps to support.
You may have to have more then one invertor, however, that is fine also. As
long as the printer is not a laser printer it should work. Laser's require
quite a bit to power them. The tools are available to easily make a mobile
office with the technology we have now, and it continues to improve and
competition is keeping the prices realistic.

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I got me one of those converters...trouble is I run to many things off of it
now..have to keep unplugging something or other..
I am wondering if a laptop will power a full size printer..like my HP 1220c.
I am going to have to plug that in..I don't think they make battery power
for printers..do they??? I wonder if that converter I got will power the
computer and the printer together..
I can see this is all heading me towards getting one of those huge buses
that I swore I would never ever own..


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Any way to use a twelve volt car battery to power it all?
You could charge with photo cells.
I think transporting it would be the main problem, but it holds a lot more
for the bucks.

Bob Noble
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| MessageActually a printer is as important to me as the computer..bush or
| not..
| I have a set up that will convert the 12V battery to 110V . I am wondering
| if this will work ok...
| Guess I could run it outside and check it out...
| I really do need a high quality printing service..
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