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I could see that 911 would still work in that case, if one can get a cell.

The satellite stuff is likely more then you would to spend for the equipment and
the use. It needs to come way down for us types to use it, but it is the only
thing that would work.

Cells have limits on their power, so they only go so far. So, it doesn't matter
how high you might get sometimes.  Cells don't go over mountains well.
Say there is one mounted over a town on a mountain with higher mountains in the
back, toward the wilderness. the cell wouldn't be available anywhere on the
other side of that mountain.

Bob Noble
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| I think they were talking about when my paid time runs out..the 911 is
| suppose to still work for free?????
| Wouldn't you think the higher you got the more your phone would work?
| They have these phones that you carry in a bag..heavy critters but work off
| of a satellite..seems to me that is the only way to go, but with a lighter
| system..
| Whoever thought of relays for Alaska..you cant cross the street to get a qt.
| of milk without hitting a mountain.
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| trapper@xxxxxxx writes:
|   I think 911 is suppose to work for me no matter what???be really piffled
| if I pay all that $ out and I need 911 and can't get out..
| Trapper, if you're talking about a cell phone here, 911 will only work when
| you can get a signal strength sufficient to make the call.  In other words,
| if you can't use your cell phone to make a regular call, it won't work for
| 911 calls either.
| Bill

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