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As you all now with every mountain top there is a valley soon to follow. I
am in a valley most of my life it seems..To get to me you have to go thru
the pass to the other side of these huge mountains..and not one mountain but
many of them...Often times we are looking at the side of a mountain. Echo is
sure great, but it only goes around in a circle..Once you get thru this pass
however you are in the valley and it is nothing but flat land..
all is ok here..but I don't stay put very long before I am going back out
that pass.
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  I think 911 is suppose to work for me no matter what???be really piffled
if I pay all that $ out and I need 911 and can't get out..

Trapper, if you're talking about a cell phone here, 911 will only work when
you can get a signal strength sufficient to make the call.  In other words,
if you can't use your cell phone to make a regular call, it won't work for
911 calls either.


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