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I got me one of those converters...trouble is I run to many things off of it
now..have to keep unplugging something or other..
I am wondering if a laptop will power a full size printer..like my HP 1220c.
I am going to have to plug that in..I don't think they make battery power
for printers..do they??? I wonder if that converter I got will power the
computer and the printer together..
I can see this is all heading me towards getting one of those huge buses
that I swore I would never ever own..

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From: Bob Noble
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Subject: [pcductape] Re: Advice Needed

Any way to use a twelve volt car battery to power it all?
You could charge with photo cells.
I think transporting it would be the main problem, but it holds a lot more
for the bucks.

Bob Noble
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Subject: [pcductape] Re: Advice Needed

| MessageActually a printer is as important to me as the computer..bush or
| not..
| I have a set up that will convert the 12V battery to 110V . I am wondering
| if this will work ok...
| Guess I could run it outside and check it out...
| I really do need a high quality printing service..
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| trapper@xxxxxxx
| Arts of Alaska

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