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  • Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 07:46:03 +0200

Depends where the nearest relay antenna is in relation to your position
- you can only know if 911 works if you try it.
Cell phone to computer or laptop works - though you need the correct
hardware and software to connect the two.
As for printers and laptops - printers when printing eat a lot of juice
- give it a try at home and you'll know for sure. Laptops [new ones]
last about 3 hrs on their batteries but have speed-stepping which means
that when they run on battery [as opposed to from the wall] they run
slower using less energy.


TTFN – Vic

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I think you can set up  computer to a cell phone..am I right..any info
on this??

where I am most of the time a cell phone wont work..I have to head up
the hill 10 miles to get to a spot where it works..
I think 911 is suppose to work for me no matter what???be really piffled
if I pay all that $ out and I need 911 and can't get out..

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