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Yes, that has been around for awhile and it is getting better as the fastest
you could connect is 9600bps which is slow. New technology is breaking in
this area as we converse.

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I think you can set up  computer to a cell phone..am I right..any info on

where I am most of the time a cell phone wont work..I have to head up the
hill 10 miles to get to a spot where it works..
I think 911 is suppose to work for me no matter what???be really piffled if
I pay all that $ out and I need 911 and can't get out..

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One thing to remember is that most laptops will be a little slower then a
workstation, not that noticeable unless you are a power user, the info you
provided is good, however, not knowing your setup, you would need a modem
and a NIC and most now have them built in. USB 2.0 is getting ready to come
out in notebooks also. USB 1.1 is 77MBPS and 2.0 is 480MBPS, you can
purchase a pcmcia usb2.0 card to give you this ability if your motherboard
doesn't support 2.0. A lot of the manufacturer's are not providing software
with their machines now of which winbook is one. I don't like this, however,
HP, Compaq and a lot of the others are doing it. Good Luck, Dave

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I deal almost strictly with Dells so unable to provide guidance. They appear
to have a good tech page, http://www.winbookcorp.com/

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At 09:03 PM 2/23/2003 -0500, you wrote:

I am strongly considering buying a laptop computer.  Most all my experience
is with desktops, so I would like everyone's input on the pros, cons and

My local Sam's Club has a Winbook, 2.4 gig Pentium 4 , 40 gig HD, 512 MB
DDR, 56k, for about $1200.00 US.  From what I have seen this is a great

Any comments/recommendations will be appreciated. 

Bill Wingler   

Hey Bill,
Sounds very good indeed, but could you go here:
and let us know exactly which series and model number of the unit that SAM'S
has for sale at that price?


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