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Hi Bill...All I use are laptops....my 1st was an IBM Thinkpad purchased in Jan 
1998....Have had very few problems with it.  The 2nd was a Compaq Pressario, 
purchased in Nov 99.  Had touchpad replaced 3 times under Compaq's warranty and 
Best Buy's extended warranty.  Hard drive died right after 3 yr extended 
warranty ran out.  Thank goodness had IBM for backup.  Will not purchase 
another Compaq.  My main laptop now is a Sony Vaio, purchased in March 2002.  
So far, no complaints.  Came with a lot of bells and whistles I don't use.  I 
like the touchpad much better than the little finger knob IBM calls the mouse.  
Check Sam's against Best Buy....maybe they will match.  I am not familiar with 
Winbook, though.  Good luck!!


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  I am strongly considering buying a laptop computer.  Most all my experience 
is with desktops, so I would like everyone's input on the pros, cons and 

  My local Sam's Club has a Winbook, 2.4 gig Pentium 4 , 40 gig HD, 512 MB DDR, 
56k, for about $1200.00 US.  From what I have seen this is a great price. 

  Any comments/recommendations will be appreciated. 

  Bill Wingler    

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