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I didn't know that!  Very kewl info Pam.

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  Do you visit web pages with dynamic, frequently updated
  content? You know, stuff like news, stocks, and weather-type
  sites.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes you just can't get
  the page to refresh? Sure, you hit the refresh button but it's
  the same page (and you just know it's been updated). Explorer is
  stubbornly refusing to re-load the page properly.

  Is there any hope? Are you going to be stuck looking at outdated
  information forever?

  You'll be glad to learn there is a little trick you can use. Just
  put a question mark after the URL. Your browser, not being all
  that bright, will think it's a new page and re-load it for you.
  The question mark won't
  affect the page or the way it's displayed, so don't sweat that

  Anyhow, here's an example. Let's say you went to:


  To make the page completely re-load, type this instead:


  Oh, if you need to keep re-loading, you can keep adding stuff
  after the question mark:


  Cool huh?

  Why does this work?

  When your browser sees the question mark, it only loads the page
  in front of it. However, since the whole URL changes, you get a
  complete re-load of the page.

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