[pcductape] A little irritated

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  • Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 17:31:46 EST

I'm a liitle irritated at the print/laser cartridge company, PrintPal and I 
thought I would pass on my experience to others.
Several months ago I ordered a print cartridge for my granddaughter's 
printer, a HP Deskjet-500.  I received a print cartridge back which was for 
HP's 430/700 series and of course it was the wrong size.  I sent several 
E-mails to printPal, asking them to mail me the correct cartridge and send me 
a mailer so I could return the incorrect cartridge.  I did get one call from 
a customer service rep who told me the I had ordered cartridge #HP-51645A and 
that is what was shipped.  I tried to explain the the rep that I didn't order 
by NUMBER - - - I had ordered by PRINTER MODEL.  The rep told me that I would 
have to mail back the cartridge so a replacement could be sent to me.  I 
asked for a "mailer" package so that I wouldn't be charged for the additional 
postage - - - after all, it was THEIR MISTAKE not mine.  The rep said no!
I contacted my Credit Card company and asked that they refund my money.  They 
answered that I must return the cartridge, (and PrintPal must acknowledge 
receiving it) before I could expect a refund.
I am mailing back the incorrect cartridge, at my expense and hopefully I'll 
get my money back.  A lot of trouble I know - - - but the principle is what 
bothers me.
Matt, in Jupiter
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