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  • Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 10:43:17 +0200

I am saying that it is illegal to copy a XP cd and give it away along
with the CD key if you are already running it on your comp. It is
illegal because that is the law about System and Programs. If you buy a
CD and give it away - wow thanks for the cool present dude - is what I
would say.
I suggest dropping this subject coz we don't agree about this and you
think that hacking a program or using a key handed to you by someone is
legal. The people that are loosing are those that sit and write the
programs , and like it or not Microsoft with all it's millions are also
in that group [and it is their right to make money they do not have to
be philanthropic just because of you].
I am talking only about System and programs, not music CD's which is a
whole other issue.


TTFN – Vic

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the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics
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a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know
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it's not the law as far as I know...No law says I can't give you a
No law that says I can't put it on my other computer etc...
It does not surprise me that you don't understand...! It would scare me
if you did...

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