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Messageto say your way is the only correct way is a bit to much for me to
deal with...!

I am not even sure what it is now that we were talking about...!

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This is the way we do it where I work - and IMHO the only way to do it ,
meaning - the correct way - no pirated software, only buying from certified
vendors and if you are buying for a large group of computers buying a
license for whatever number of computers you need [normaly batches of 100],
no installing of software by employees only by administrators of the company
and so on. In short - because we , the administrators, are the only ones
installing software and we make sure that all the cd's - downloads and
updates are kept in one place on our network, there are hardly any hassles
when we have to go fix a comp or when we set-up a new comp. Besides that
each and every comp is logged and specified in a couple of huge lists in a
data base, 1 second and we have the info about a particular comp and what is
on it at our fingertips.


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How do you make sure you have the software for all machines in accordance
with the legal rules! hehehe
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  sounds all to organized for me  :?

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