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MessageHi Steve,

Good lesson.
However in my case it's caused me to consider Opera which I
have fallen in love with.   I believe that when one travels
down a path and the way is blocked and one has to use
alternatives, then it's all part of God's plan.   The good
Lord is teaching me something here and I'm trying my best to
learn what it is.   Yes, yes;  I know;   make backups and keep
the cd's cataloged but there's more.   I'm still not sure why
all this happened.

Btw, your stationary is pretty but your fonts are too small
for my old, old eyes.   :-)


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  A lesson I learned way back at day one.. I'll say amen to
that one Trapper.
  I learned the hard way so I went out and brought two large
black CD cases.
  They can hold 64 CD's each. they zip up and are tough.
  I copy all my C's and store the orenglre here next to my
computer, it's not in any order per say but I know where it
  I never use the original always a copy. I back up every
thing, it is just to easy.
  I am a big fan of Drive Quest and I make an image of every
computer I work on.
  Just my 2¢

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