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Hi Eric

There is still activity on Topica and I do know that there is/was a problem 
with Spamming but that is not the case with all of topica,  It was certain 
topica groups that was causing the trouble which as far as I know has been 
dealt with the groups that were affected were those that had an open posting 
and not a closed group such as our Topica and freelists are.

I would find another ISP that do allow topica.


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  Not sure how much activity there is on the list below as my ISP has decided 
to include Topica in their "banned list". A few of us have been active on the 
original Yahoo list now.

  This is the original predecessor to the Topica list and it does allow larger 
attachments than Topica did/does. I was sending all sorts of things to Topica 
and just never saw them, when I enquired why from both my ISPs, it was 
mentioned that a lot of bad boys use Topica to promote Spam, etc, and that the 
domain had therefore been blacklisted.


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