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Hi Bob

I think that you will find that there are a couple more ISP's that have done
that offhand I cant remember now who they were, What grieves me that because
of a few twerps it's us the genuine people that have to suffer.


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> Hi Eric,
> That's interesting.
> My ISP is fairly active where spam is concerned and they haven't blocked
> Bob Noble
> www.sonic.net/bnoble
> ----- Original Message ----- | Not sure how much activity there is on the
> below as my ISP has decided
> | to include Topica in their "banned list". A few of us have been active
> | the original Yahoo list now.
> | toolbinners-socialclub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> |
> | This is the original predecessor to the Topica list and it does allow
> | attachments than Topica did/does. I was sending all sorts of things to
> | Topica and just never saw them, when I enquired why from both my ISPs,
> | was mentioned that a lot of bad boys use Topica to promote Spam, etc,
> | that the domain had therefore been blacklisted.
> |
> | Eric
> |
> | That Guy In Africa...
> | My Treetop: http://www.gds.co.za/northcom/

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